Sponsoring Anderson Humane provides businesses with a unique opportunity to establish and strengthen the brand and public awareness through association with Anderson Humane, the largest and oldest animal welfare organization serving the Fox Valley area. Since over 50% of Americans own pets, your partnership with Anderson will be meaningful to many of your clients, and they’ll appreciate your commitment to a cause for which they care. And donations to Anderson Humane are tax-deductible!

Want to learn more? Contact Greg Mucha, Director of Corporate Partnerships at gmucha@ahconnects.org or call (847) 697-2880 x82.

Happy Paws Animal Shelter is located in Checotah, Oklahoma, a city with less than 4,000 residents. Every week, their founders and an Anderson Humane transport team meet in St. Louis, Missouri, so that they can give us the overflow animals from their shelter. In 2021 alone, we accepted 956 of their dogs and cats and found nearly every single one a loving home.

This shelter is located in one of the poorest parts of Oklahoma, and the entire country. Sharing our resources and the ample population of potential adopters in our suburban Chicago location is the right thing to do. We are excited to help these homeless dogs and cats to finally find The Road Home!

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HorsePower Therapeutic Riding

Anderson Humane is pleased to partner with HorsePower, a non-profit equine therapy program for individuals with physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges. Based in St. Charles, Illinois, HorsePower uses therapeutic horseback riding lessons as a way to help individuals with special needs overcome challenges and learn new skills. As participants learn to ride, groom, and bond with these powerful animals, they learn skills that foster their physical, emotional, and social growth.

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Corporate Giving Programs Companies and Employees Who Care

Does your employer have a community giving program? Do they match the charitable contributions that you make? Do they offer grants for volunteer hours served by their employees? To find out if your company does any of these, please use the above search.

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