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Adoption Events

We believe the human-animal connection has unlimited benefits for both people and animals. What better way to bring an animal into your life than adopting a pet in need?

Training Sessions

We recognize that problematic behaviors impact your relationship with your pet. We offer a variety of resources for pet owners to manage challenging behaviors with their pets.

Nature Hikes

Join us for a guided hike to explore the great outdoors. Hikes are offered twice per month in partnership with Campton Township.

Foster Events

Fosters open their hearts and their homes to take in some of the orphaned puppies and kittens with special needs or those that are too young for adoption. 

Pet Therapy

Think your dog or cat could be a therapy animal? Have them evaluated and find out! Anderson facilitates visits for program graduates to places where people need the healing presence of animals. 

Events & Celebrations

Check out what’s going on, from our exciting annual Pets-A-Palooza and Walk-4-Animals to a bevy of adoption, foster, and low-cost veterinary care events.

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