Losing a pet can be absolutely heartbreaking, but we’re here to help.

Click below to complete our Lost Pet Form, this will be submitted to our shelter staff so they can keep a look out for your pet. You can also read through the tips below for immediate action to help find your missing pet.

Tips on recovering a lost pet:

1. Use Digital Resources

  • Post your pet on Petco Love Lost.
  • Reach out to local animal shelters and animal controls, a list of organizations can be found here.
  • Post online, here is a list of local places, including websites, Facebook groups & Facebook pages.

2. Create Posters

  • Create a poster using this template.
  • Under “Additional Description” be sure to include:
    • Directions on how to respond if the pet is sighted
    • If they are skittish and run when approached, add “Do not chase, please text xxx-xxx-xxxx say on the poster
    • If you are offering a reward
  • Hang a large poster in your vehicle window.
  • Post your poster around your town at high-traffic intersections.
  • Attach your poster to Neon Pink poster board so it attracts attention.


3. Canvas The Area

Canvas your neighborhood or where your animal was last seen. Canvas within 6 blocks in each direction.  Hand out your flyer and ask people to call you if your pet is seen.  Recruit your friends and family to assist in the search for your lost pet.

If your dog is lost, bring their favorite treats, a blanket, extra towels incase they are wet, a slip lead, and a crate if they’re crate trained.

If your cat is lost, place their litter pan near where they were let out.  Cats are very good at hiding but may come out to use their pan.  Be careful not to move too quickly are raise your voice when you see them, it may startle them. Gently coax them back into the home.

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