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A Few Of Our Offerings

Positive Reinforcement Training Methods

Anderson does not condone the use of aversive or punishment-based training methods, which are not effective long-term and can disrupt the bond between pet and owner, increase fear and anxiety and ultimately cause aggressive behaviors.  Research has shown that positive reinforcement training is the only practical training method, which Anderson uses throughout all of our facilities.

Training Opportunities

We’re proud to offer various training programs to pet owners in the community. We also keep a list of trainers we’ve worked with and endorse. Watch this space for our subsequent training sessions.

Free Introductory Training Courses

Anderson Humane is proud to partner with A Sound Beginning, an innovative dog-training program designed for the newly adopted dog. When you adopt your new dog or puppy from Anderson, you will receive FREE enrollment in A Sound Beginning’s Introduction to Training class.

Animal Behavior, Training and Enrichment Programs

Just like people, the behaviors we see in our pets are the result of a combination of factors, including their genetic makeup, what they’ve learned through a variety of experiences during their lives and their current environment.

Animals that find themselves at a shelter don’t understand why they are there, what will happen next, or how long they’ll be there. These unknowns can be highly stressful, especially for adult animals and those generally fearful or anxious.

At Anderson, we recognize that shelters can be stressful. We know that emotional health is as important as physical health. And we’re working toward a better future for our animals.

For years, Anderson has been at the forefront of shelter animal behavior, ensuring that our animals stay emotionally healthy through playgroups, one-on-one interactions with staff and volunteers, and individual and group positive reinforcement training sessions.

Classes Offered

Connections Made

Help For You and Your Pet

A tiny Boston terrier puppy chews a hole in the bathroom door in an attempt to escape

We recognize that problematic behaviors can impact the relationship you have with your pet.  In fact, the most common reason owners relinquish dogs over the age of 6 months to Anderson, is unresolved behavior issues.   We are committed to doing our part to support the bond between people and their pets, keeping pets in homes and families together.  To this end, we offer a variety of resources for pet owners struggling to manage problematic behaviors with their pets.

Respect. Protect. Connect.

Anderson Humane is continually updating training resources, best practices, local recommendations, and enrichment activities you can do at home. Check back often and follow us on our social media platforms to stay informed on ways to thrive physically and emotionally together.


What Is Fear-Free?

Anderson Humane is creating a fear-free environment. We are committed to providing the best possible experience for all animals in our care; we keep every animal’s physical and emotional well-being at the forefront of all we do. The practice of fear-free methods helps reduce fear, anxiety, and stress in the animals we care for at all of our locations.


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