Zaira’s Journey

Zaira came to us from Shelby Humane in Alabama in early January. Our animal care team quickly noticed that her right hind leg was not working properly.

After an exam from our Veterinary Team, it was determined that she would need surgery to avoid a leg amputation. A fractured piece of bone needed to be realigned and anchored back in place with surgical implants, allowing the bone to heal and providing the best chance of a successful outcome. The surgery would involve having metal bone pins and a wire tension band inserted into the knee.

As a non-profit, we are completely reliant on donations. Unexpected procedures like a $1,200 surgery are often out of our reach.

We posted on our social accounts asking folks to donate to help cover her medical costs. To our surprise, her surgery was covered in full within 45 minutes.

Our Foster Team was able to find a warm, comfy home for her so she can make a full recovery. We cannot do what we do without support from folks like you!

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