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Bats in Your Belfry? Raccoons in Your Attic?

Other Wildlife in Conflict? Are you looking for a compassionate, humane approach to solving problems with wildlife in your home or business? Anderson Humane’s trained Wildlife Allies staff will help you assess the situation and determine the best way to move the animals out of harm’s way without harming the animals. Contact us at [email protected] or (847) 697-2880 X53.

How we’re different

Most “wildlife trappers” will either trap and euthanize animals, or relocate them to a property not fully equipped to benefit the animal’s survival. Relocating animals also leaves an open niche for another animal of the same species to move in – hence, not solving the problem. Instead, we work with the animals already present. By excluding them from unwanted areas (in your house, under your deck, in your attic), they learn to live as your neighbor instead of a nuisance.

“Not only are these animals no longer a nuisance to me, but I also have more respect for the animals and even enjoy seeing them.”

Services & Pricing


Starting at $100.00


Starting at $50.00

Camera Rentals

$50.00 Per Week

Exclusions / Deterrents

Starting at $150.00

Exclusion Trenching

$100.00 Per Hour


Starting at $200.00 Per Week

Baited Medication

$100.00 Per Week

Minor Repairs

$100.00 Per Hour

Get a free phone consultation about your specific situation.

Did You Know?

Some wild animals can be great neighbors! Opossums are great pest controls and can consume up to 500 ticks a day. Skunks are great rodent control, and have been proven to get rid of more mice than outdoor cats. Bats can eat up to a thousand mosquitos in an evening. By removing these animals from unwanted areas, but keeping them alive and in the neighborhood, they can be of great benefit to you.

Volunteer Or Donate!

Our Wildlife Allies team could always use extra help or donations. We are especially in need of the help, services and items listed below.

Skillsets Needed
Repair Men / Handy Person
People to pick up injured or sick wildlife
Tree Climbers
Items Needed
Motion-detection Cameras
Bird / Squirrel / Bat Houses
Hardware Cloth
Trail Cameras
Screws & Nails
One-way Doors of Various Sizes 
Gas Cards
Net Guns
Scent Deterrents

Call 847-697-2880 X53 to discuss volunteering or making a donation.

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