Getting Rid of Gary’s Unwanted Guests

May 4, 2022

Gary was being overrun.

He had a couple squirrels in his attic, who were chewing the fascia of the roof and making noise at all hours of the day and night. There was also a skunk tunneling under his deck. Christmas was approaching and he was worried that the skunk might appear at the wrong time and bother his visiting family, especially his grandchildren.

“It has gotten very worrisome,” Gary said. “I made quite a few trips to the hardware store purchasing repellents and spent quite a bit of time online researching eviction methods before someone steered me to humane organizations.”

Thankfully, one of those organizations was Anderson Humane. Gary talked with members of our Wildlife Allies team, who work with clients to find a humane approach to remove wildlife from homes and businesses. Soon, wildlife specialists Ashley and Cat were on the scene to assess the situation.

When they determined where the squirrels were getting into the attic, they installed a one-way door there. “So when the squirrels left to get food, they wouldn’t be able to get back in,” Ashley said. They also placed strobe lights, cayenne pepper, and peppermint, none of which squirrels like, in the attic to make the space less attractive.

The team also placed cameras in the area to observe the squirrels. Once it was determined they were gone, they sealed the entrance with hardware cloth. One set of unwanted visitors down, one to go.

Ashley, Cat, and other members of the Wildlife Allies team trenched down and out about two feet from where the skunk had been tunneling, lining the area with hardware cloth. When the skunk left in search of food, they installed a one-way door in the hardware cloth, preventing the skunk from returning. Again, when it was determined he was gone, they sealed the entrance permanently.

“Most people trap and relocate an unwanted animal,” Ashley said, adding that doesn’t solve the problem. “That just leaves a niche for some other species to fill the gap.” The Wildlife Allies team seeks a permanent solution that treats the animals humanely in the process.

A permanent solution wasn’t all the team found at Gary’s property. When they were trenching the area, they discovered and old medicine bottle from the late 1800s or early 1900s. When Christmas rolled around, Gary wrapped it and gave it back to Ashley and Cat. “He also gave us coffee whenever we were there,” she said. “He was very nice.”

Gary seemed to enjoy the process as well. “It really only took one call and Cat and Ashley and others, in a thoroughly enjoyable and delightful fashion, kindly, professionally, and bravely persuaded the animals to leave,” he said. “Not only are these animals no longer a nuisance to me, but I have more respect for the animals and even enjoy seeing them.”

Gary called the help a tremendous relief. “Anderson Humane and its Wildlife Allies are a blessing to our area.”

If you want to reach our Wildlife Allies team, please call 847-697-2880 x 53 or email [email protected] 

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