How Rosie Rescued Lois’ Family

We were thrilled to see a recent message

from one of our adopters on the Facebook page of 3 Girls Animal Rescue, one of our source shelters. Lois, our adopter, saw that we got her dog, Rosebud (now Rosie), from this shelter in Oklahoma.

Lois was reaching out to thank the Three Girls team let them know what Rosie has meant to her family, who lost her husband suddenly seven years ago. We love how this letter underscores how healing and powerful the human-animal connection can be!

Here’s a portion of Lois’ letter:

We’ve all fallen head over heels in love with Rosie. It’s been hard on us since my husband died. I’ve seen my kids have this new joy. It’s been amazing.

Now I finally get the whole dog thing after not growing up with one and never having one. We just wanted to let you know she is loved beyond words!

We live in downtown Saint Charles, IL. We’re very close to neighbors. We call Rosie the “stalker.” She loves to just watch the neighbors cook out, play with their dog, whatever. She doesn’t bark, just stares. We find it very funny, lol.

We’re wondering how she’ll do in the winter after coming from the warmer weather. We’re picking out jackets and boots for her.

My daughter is very shy. Since my husband died when she was 9, she’s barely ever spoken about it. She has seemed so much happier since we adopted Rosie. She buys her every imaginable thing with her babysitting money. She gives her a bath once a week, brushes her teeth, cleans her ears, buys her all sorts of treats and dental snacks that are good for her teeth. It’s been really wonderful.

My son loves her so much as well. At first she seemed very afraid of men. He’s turned it around and she now loves him so much too.

I just wanted to let you know all know how loved Rosie is and how much she has given us all a little joy back in our lives.

Thank you sooo much for rescuing Rosie. We are forever grateful!! She’s rescued us right back!!


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