Restoring Health to an Abandoned Lovebird

Jun 17, 2022

Carolyn got more than she bargained for

when she won an abandoned house at auction. After the purchase was finalized, she was surprised to discover that the house had four inhabitants: three cockatiels and a lovebird.

“She called a friend who was a bird enthusiast, who quickly called us to set up the surrender,” said Molly Craig, Anderson Humane’s Intake and Transfer Manager.

It was immediately clear to Molly and the rest of the staff that the birds were in rough shape. “All four birds were thin and in filthy conditions, but the lovebird, Anemone, was the worst off,” Molly said. “She had massive xanthomas (fatty tumors) on both wings.” Left untreated, the tumors could cause serious pain and deformity.

While the staff gave the cockatiels much-needed nutrition, Molly contacted Dr. Christine at Millbrook Animal Care Clinic, a vet that Anderson Humane’s wildlife team has worked closely with for years. Dr. Christine performed surgery to remove the tumors, allowing Anemone to once again function normally. She is now recovering in foster care.

The cockatiels have fully recovered, and two of the three have been adopted. Once Anemone has fully recovered as well, she’ll be available for adoption – and once again have the chance to bloom like the flower for which she’s named.

If you find or need to surrender an animal, contact Anderson Humane at (847) 697-2880 ext. 92.

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