New Hope for Three Senior Dogs

On a crisp fall day, Molly Craig, the Intake and Transfer Manager at Anderson Humane, made the short drive from our South Elgin shelter to Kane County Animal Control in Geneva. She was there to check out three senior dogs – Blanco, Babe, and Frank – to see if they might be good candidates to transfer to Anderson Humane.  

Blanco, an 11-year-old Australian cattle dog, and Babe, an 11-year-old Feist, were adopted from a Tennessee shelter before their new family moved to Kane County. When the husband of the couple entered hospice, the wife surrendered the dogs (who had medical issues of their own – Babe a bladder infection, and Blanco a fatty mass on his head) to Kane County Animal Control.  

There the pair joined Frank, a 9-year-old Pomeranian stray who was found locally. Frank had severe tartar, moderate gingivitis, a mass on his abdomen, and an endearing toothy smile.  

When space at Kane County Animal Control started running short, their staff members contacted Anderson Humane about potentially receiving the three dogs. With our veterinary clinic and robust foster community, we’re better suited to provide the senior dogs’ needed medical care and offer space for them to recover until healthy enough to be adopted. 

“The dogs we rescue from Oklahoma are important and on a mission,” Molly said, referring to the weekly transports we receive from our southern partner shelters. “But we also have places literally 20 minutes away struggling for space, so we want to help them too. We want to continue to prioritize our local community as well.” Molly agreed to receive all three dogs, and staff members were soon securing foster homes for the three seniors, who likely wouldn’t fare well at the shelter.  

Blanco had the mass on his head removed mid-November, and after a so-so first night, his foster said, “today he is a new man with a bad haircut!” While Blanco continues to recover from surgery, she says, “He loves to snuggle, give kisses and hugs, and he will stare into your eyes and make you feel like you have moved heaven and earth for him.” They have worked their way up to three daily walks from two to six blocks each, and he loves his naps when not playing with his two Chihuahua neighbors.  

Babe (pictured here with Molly) has been treated for her bladder infection, and like the other two dogs, has been microchipped, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and received preventive heartworm and flea/tick treatments. Babe’s foster found her to be “a very friendly dog” who “gives lots of kisses and seems to love attention.” Babe is housebroken, walks well on a leash, knows some commands, and has been spoken for ever since one of the foster’s friends met Babe, fell for her, and started the adoption process.  

Frank, who had the most medical needs, is still being treated. His abdominal mass was recently removed and is being biopsied. He also has a bad dental disease that might require a full mouth extraction. While our team determines the best care for Frank, he has been enjoying life in his foster home, which includes canine friends, lots of couch snuggling, and super-fun car rides.  

“All three are doing really well!” said Christa Oody, the Foster Manager at Anderson Humane. And all three dogs are a testament to the fact that it’s never too late to give an old dog a new home and a new lease on life.

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