Chicago Auto Show 2023

In partnership with Subaru USA, we attended The Chicago Auto Show! We needed a minimum of 6 volunteers each day, and had a grand total of 61 folks helping out during this 10-day-long event! That’s a grand total of 274.5 hours of teamwork. Our veteran volunteers and fresh faces alike rose to the occasion to help make this exciting event a success!

Our impact at the Auto Show goes deeper than you think! During this event, we helped a whopping 51 of our Auto Show puppies find their forever homes. We could not do what we do without our absolutely amazing volunteers.

 Here’s one of our adoption stories from this week!

When Paul and Jennifer took the train into Chicago from Detroit, MI for the Chicago Auto Show, the last thing on their mind was adopting a puppy. After visiting our booth and meeting the puppies, it was clear that their train ride home would have one more passenger: Miles! Since Paul and Jennifer took a train to get to Chicago, they had to hire a car in order to pick Miles up at the shelter and purchase all the supplies needed for him. Afterward, the three of them hopped on a train back home to Detroit!

“He is proving to be amazing and beyond what I normally expect in terms of Lab intelligence. Barely a week after we got home and he’s already sitting on command and beginning to respond to shake. He knows his name and will frequently come when called. He is great on a leash though he was reluctant to go for walks for a couple of days. Today he “told” us when he wanted to go out.”

Want to make an impact yourself? Click here to see volunteer opportunities near you!

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