A Beautiful Day to Walk4Animals

It was a beautiful sunny day

when dozens of families and dogs gathered at Gray Willows Farm for Anderson Humane’s 7th annual Walk4Animals. Among the canine attendees were several of the rescued Envigo beagles adopted through Anderson Humane earlier this year.

The walk took participants along a 1.25-mile wooded trail, with three stops along the way. At the first stop, our friends from Wings and Talons introduced hikers to a barn owl, turkey vulture, eastern screech owl, and broad-winged hawk, sharing info about each of these fascinating raptors.

At the second stop, the Campton Township team led participants in making seed bombs. These fistfuls of seeds encased in clay were easy to make and were a big hit, especially among the kids in attendance. When the bombs were complete, Campton Township staff threw them into an open field, where the seeds will take root and provide even more lush scenery for next year’s walk.

At the third stop, Anderson Humane staff shared animal hides and paw-print molds gathered on past Anderson Humane nature hikes. They also talked about upcoming hikes as well as our fall and winter Critter Camps, where kindergarten through fifth-graders can learn about local animals and nature in an outdoor setting.

The walk concluded at the barn, where participants were greeted by some animals (including a snake and tortoise), a few Anderson Humane displays, and well-deserved treats, including a donut wall and apple bar. While walk participants ate and mingled, many of their dogs napped contentedly on the barn floor.

At the end of the day, Walk4Animals raised about $20,000, which will support Anderson Humane’s ongoing work to provide loving families for 4,000 homeless pets and care for 3,000 orphaned and injured wild animals every year. Thanks to all of our walkers, sponsors, and partners for making this year’s Walk4Animals a success!

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