19 Puppies at the Chicago Auto Show

One of the longest lines at the 2022 Chicago Auto Show wasn’t for a chance to sit in the latest electric vehicle or ogle a sky blue Aston Martin.

Instead, it was for a chance to sit on the floor and snuggle a pile of puppies.

As part of the Subaru Loves Pets initiative, Anderson Humane had seven Labrador Retriever-mix and 12 Beagle-mix puppies available at the Subaru exhibit for auto show attendees to play with, pet, and adopt. We were grateful to partner with Subaru of America to raise awareness about the millions of animals in shelters every year awaiting loving homes.

“At Subaru, we look forward to opportunities that help our furry friends in need,”

Annalee was one of those shelter dogs until Jamie Foster visited the Subaru exhibit at this year’s auto show, and the white and brown Beagle-mix puppy crawled into her lap – and found a place in her heart. “There was something about her sweet disposition,” Jamie said.

“I’ve always had dogs, and being without one felt like a void to be filled. Everything is better with their presence,” Jamie said, adding that she looks forward to the companionship, a “little partner in crime,” as her husband often travels for work. “I have a lot of respect for Subaru’s multiple philanthropic causes. And Subaru Loves Pets is especially important to me.”

Subaru of America’s commitment to the well-being of animals runs deep. They are the most significant corporate sponsor of the ASPCA and have impacted the lives of more than 230,000 pets nationwide. “At Subaru, we look forward to opportunities that help our furry friends in need,” said Alan Bethke, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Subaru of America, Inc. “And we want to return the unconditional love they show us each day.”

“Anderson Humane was thrilled to partner with Subaru of America to help raise awareness about the needs of adoptable animals and to find new homes for some of our puppies,” said Dean Daubert, Anderson Human’s Senior Director of Human-Animal Bond. “We have championed the welfare of animals for more than 50 years, firmly believing that animals and people are better together.” Anderson Humane now facilitates the adoption of 4,000 animals every year.

At the auto show, Annalee joined the community of pets we have placed into loving homes. Her new person, Jamie, is eager to remember the joys of having an animal in the family. “The unconditional love. Their presence. Everything about having a dog is the best.”

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